Recruiters Looking for 100,000 Filipino Nurses in UK and UAE

Unlike previously thought of, the demand for nurses and healthcare workers still continue to rise in some first world countries, most especially the United Kingdom (UK) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At least 100,000 Filipino registered nurses are wanted to fill in vacancies for both companies, according to some recruiters.

In Dubai alone, which is part of the UAE, at least 20,000 registered nurses will be needed due to some plans to open 15 more hospitals in the next three years. This is according to Vijaya Sen, Human Resources Director of the UAE-based Zulekha Hospital in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

Sen also added that the UAE healthcare is a growing market, with number of hospitals expected to increase in the next three years. She came to Manila to recruit Filipino nurses for Zulekha Hospital in UAE.

“Filipino nurses have the required skills, they are very good in communication. It is an inherent quality to be courteous, and caregiving comes naturally to them,” she added.

Registered nurses who work in UAE usually start with Php 100,000 monthly salary, tax-free. Furthermore, some hospitals such as Zulekha offer free accommodation and guaranteed salary increase every two years.


They are also given 30-day paid annual leave, sick leaves, medical insurance, and overtime pay.

Meanwhile, around 80,000 vacancies for registered nurses in United Kingdom are opened because many nurses are either retiring or going back their home countries. This was told by Matthew Richards, Kings Commercial Recruitment chief in another interview with ABS-CBN News.

“There’s a trend of shrinkage as less nurses enter the workforce. We also see about one-third of our nursing population retiring or leaving the occupation in the next 15 years,” Richards said.

He added that due to Filipino nurses’ general caring nature, high level of empathy and compassion, they are mostly preferred by British hospitals.

But what makes a job offer to the United Kingdom much better than other countries is the opportunity to bring their families and avail of free health care and education.

Nurses in UK earn about EUR 22,100 or Php110,000 per month. Plane tickets, accommodations and meal vouchers are often shouldered by employers. Furthermore, they are also given 27-day leaves annually.


Although it is a good news for registered Filipino nurses who would want to take advantage of these opportunities, it is bad news for other Filipino citizens because of the decreasing number of nurses left in the Philippines.

To remedy this, the Commission on Higher Education announced that medical students enrolled in qualified state colleges and universities can enjoy free tuition fee under the condition that they will render years of services in the Philippines after graduation.